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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Specifications Declare

The next generation galaxy s series mini smartphone arrives on internet. Much awaited Samsung Galaxy s4 mini is declared on official samsung’s app website. Brand hasn’t announced the full details and specs of younger galaxy s4, but some specifications of samsung galaxy s4 are leaked online.

Galaxy s4 mini specifications declare on samsung apps site

Galaxy s4 mini declares on samsung apps site

When samsung galaxy S4 was released in March this year, the rumors about its mini version were taking place in the mobile world. Even before the launch of galaxy s4 the rumors were raising that samsung was planing to produce galaxy s4 later this year after the few months of galaxy s4 release in market. The speculations are proven right when an app store of samsung shows the galaxy s4 mini for some period of time on their official website.

The rumored samsung galaxy s4 mini specifications have been arriving in smartphone market for a long period of time. Lots of speculations about its specifications, releasing date, market price and much more have been discussed on internet time to time. Finally we have got something to say about the features and specifications of galaxy s4 mini.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Variants :-

It is expected that galaxy s4 mini will be released in four variants and it will have all the features of big brother samsung galaxy s4. The four variants of samsung galaxy s4 come with the model numbers GT-19190, GT-19192, GT-19195 and GT-19198. New galaxy s4 mini models will support single and dual sim functionality.

Samsung galaxy s4 mini

Samsung galaxy s4 mini

GT-19190 Quad-Core Single Sim HSPA+
GT-19192 Dual-Core Dual Sim HSPA+


GT-19190 and GT-19192 handsets support single and dual sim functionality respectively. These both models are much vital smartphones for the brand. Samsung galaxy s4 mini GT-19190 comes with Quad-Core processor whereas GT-19192 has Dual-Core processor. Both these variants support HSPA+ connectivity. Rest other variants like GT-19195 and 19198 will be releasing in some specific country. Galaxy s4 mini GT-19195 will be launched by the Korean smartphone market whereas GT-19198 will be arrived in China.

Reference :- Gadgets.ndtv.com

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Specifications :-

If reports to be believed the younger galaxy s4 mini will come with all features of main samsung galaxy s4 phone. It is expected that galaxy s4 mini will be launched with 4.3 inches S-AMOLED screen which has the 960 x 540 pixels resolution. There will be dual-core and quad-core processors in different variants of Samsung galaxy s4 mini as we have seen already above. 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory is suspected to be interface with the device.

Samsung hasn’t mention more specifications about this new smartphone, but defines that handset will run on Android OS 4.2.2 version and it has 2100 mAh rechargeable battery. Galaxy s4 has 8 MegaPixel camera to provide exciting pictures and snaps. Samsung galaxy s4 mini GT-19195 handset supports LTE and it comes with 2 GB RAM.

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There is no reports about the price on galaxy s4 mini version but it is sure that galaxy s4 mini price will be cheaper than big galaxy S4. Though final comments on the specifications are yet to be announced by the brand and it is believed that samsung will declare full details about galaxy s4 mini in Premiere 2013 event on 20 June in London.

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